Mediation is a process whereby parties in dispute can settle their differences quickly and behind closed doors, reaching commercial solutions which are not normally available to the courts (who in broad terms only ajudge what is right and wrong). The cost savings are obvious.

Robert was one of a small number of shareholders and directors who brought mediation in the commercial field to the UK and Europe in 1989. The business, ADR Group, trained solicitors across the UK in a network of mediators, and offices were opened in Europe. The concept of mediation took hold and spawned a number of other organisations. ADR Group was responsible for convincing the then Lord Chancellor to make mediation an obligatory step in the Supreme Court process. Mediation is now well established as a process with many specialist trade schemes and private organisations undertaking mediation. The solicitors trained by ADR group remain one of the pre-eminent and most qualified and experienced groups of mediators in the UK.

Robert is a huge proponent of mediation and undertakes mediation in his own right as an independent mediator.

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